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The amount of joy I have helping you hold on to a special memory is unmatched. Let me help you in creating a home full of cherished portraits that will last a lifetime.

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My love for animals started young and while attending school for photography in Chicago I worked as a Dog Trainer. Nourishing the relationship between dog and owner really brought me happiness! As I journeyed through my career as a photographer over the last 15 years, it  became more and more clear to me that dog photography is my passion. Of course, I love pets of all kinds, I've photographed many! Being well-versed in dog language helps me get the best possible portraits of your dog.

Getting a little more personal, I am a wife of 18 years and we have four incredible children. Currently in our home we have two dogs, Lucy and Leo, both Dane mixes and 2 well-loved barn cats, Ivy and Butters. We live on some acreage in the lower central part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and though I'm not a fan of snow, every other season makes it worth it to stay forever!  If I'm not taking pictures or editing, I'm usually taking selfies with my dogs or random dogs. 

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