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Upper Peninsula Pet Photography 

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Hi There, I’m Amberly

My photography sessions are all about connecting with your pet, letting them know they're loved and important. I boost their confidence and build trust. Looking into their eyes really creates a special relationship and bond that I can capture for a lifetime.


Dogs & Cats

These sessions most often take place outdoors, are sometimes in your home, and once in a while, in a studio. This all depends on our vision for the session and your pet's level of comfort.


Barn or pasture location is typical, but if you'd like to travel to a beautiful location with your horse, I'm there! The UP is a wonderful place to explore on horseback.

Gold Soul

This very special session is reserved for terminally ill or elderly pets of any kind. They may be booked in advance or if I'm available, I can do a same day/next day session. 

Lifestyle Families

With only a handful of slots open per year, I still love the documentary style portraits of families, especially when a new little addition is brought in! And yeah, let's add the pets!